I was born in 1969. I studied graphic design at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. I live and work in the Randstad as well in the centre of the Netherlands.

As a photographer I work both on commission and as an autonomous artist.

In my autonomous work I mostly work from my personal emotions and experiences.  I try to express concepts like Estrangement, Loneliness, Desolation, Mystery, Magic and Melancholia. These are, to a greater or lesser extent,  recognisable for all human beings. By striving towards mutual recognition through my work I hope to offer and find solace and understanding. Printing my own work is an important part of the process. 

Since 2014 I am associated with 'Stroom', a centre for art and architecture in The Hague.
In 2015 I became a member of the artist societies 'Pulchri' and 'De Haagse Kunstkring', also based in The Hague. 

Works are exhibited in Dutch musea and galleries and in several countries: Italie (Vicenza), England (London), France (Excedeuil), Portugal (Lissabon)

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